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UAP EP 22: Secrets of the Moon part 2

We wrap up our discussion on the moon and what kind of secrets are possibly being kept from us. If you’ve ever seen a UFO, then you are not alone. Apparently, even Buzz Aldrin saw one on the way to the moon and talks about it here! We have that and what was reportedly said during those famous missing transmissions during the Apollo 11 landing. All that and much more in this enthralling conclusion.


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There was so much that we found on this subject, that we couldn’t fit it all in during the two-part series.

Check out this video of Karl Wolfe (who you learn about in the episode) as he describes in detail the moon bases and structures that he was shown during his time working with the NSA.


And here’s Buzz Aldrin with more revelations. There’s a monolith on a moon of Mars!