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UAP EP 19: The Curious Case of Andrew Basiago

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We covered ALOT in this episode of UAP all having to do with self-proclaimed time traveler Andrew Basiago and his claims of life on Mars and going back in time to such events as the Gettysburg address. You can see what he describes as his portrait at the event when he was a little boy right there in our cover photo to this post.

Why do you ask? It was all part of a secret government program run by DARPA, according to his account.

You can hear the entire story in the link below to episode 19 0f our UAP podcast.

But, before you do that, here are some of the images and videos that we referred to during the show.


This video shows Basiago explaining how he witnessed the crucifixion of Christ.

Is this guy nuts? Listen to his story and see his body language. What do you think?

And this is what Basiago referred to as the “Plesiosaur” on Mars that was photographed by a Mars rover.

Mars Dino

Of course, it is a grainy and blurry photo, but what do you think it is? A couple of rocks? Or real photographic proof of a martian reptile?

Hear the whole story right here and don’t forget to download and subscribe for future episodes!