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UAP EP 16: Images From “Alien Agents and the US Government”

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This episode features Valiant Thor, a Venutian who spent three years inside the Pentagon. He had no fingerprints and could see and walk through walls.
He spoke in a weird dialect and claimed to live inside the planet Venus.
He was very attractive and less violent than mankind.
He says he came to Earth to protect man from himself, especially from nuclear destruction

Below is one of the few pictures that exist of the “man” known as Valiant Thor.

Valiant Thor

The following individuals were described in the Majestic 12 documents as “designated members” of Majestic 12.

Lloyd Berkner
Detlev Bronk
Vannevar Bush
James Forrestal
Gordon Gray
Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
Jerome Clarke Hunsaker
Donald H. Menzel
Robert M. Montague
Sidney Souers
Nathan F. Twining


And here’s a look at one of the alleged documents from MJ -12 that have been preserved and recovered.

It talks about how to cover up any UFO or alien recovery.

MJ 12 Document on Cover Ups


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