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U.S. to help Haiti with gang violence crisis

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(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

(LAKE WORTH, FL) – The United States is stepping up to help Haiti with their gang violence crisis.

The U.S. is deploying the Coast Guard to patrol the waters surrounding Haiti and also a visa restriction is blocking those connected to gang violence.

Haitian native Orestal Michel lives in Lake Worth Beach and told WPTV News Channel 5 that he is in touch with his family in Haiti twice a day to make sure they’re okay.

According to Michel, in the last month two of his family members in Haiti have been shot by gang members.

“Whatever you’re seeing on the TV, it’s true. Whatever you’re seeing on the social network, it’s true,” said Michel. “We need them to come over to help us because the gangs, we cannot stop them.”

The rise of gang violence has left millions of Haitian residents without food or fuel.

According to the World Food Programme, for the first time ever Haiti has reached catastrophic hunger levels.

The state department is now reviewing requests by the U.N. and Haitian officials to send “specialized armed forces” to help on the island.