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U.S. Capitol on lockdown as pro-Trump protesters breach security

UDDATE: President Trump releases video message asking protesters to leave the Capitol and go home.

Police say the Capitol building has been cleared and is secure. Lawmakers say they will return tonight to complete their certification of the electoral college vote.
Unfortunately, the woman who was reportedly shot by law enforcement in the neck/chest area has died. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition and succumbed to her injuries.

Capitol police have lost control of thousands of Trump supporters who have broken through barricades and made their way to the steps of the Capitol building as Congress meets to certify the electoral college vote.

A woman was shot in the neck and is in critical condition.

The protesters are trespassing on federal property and face criminal prosecution. There are reports that some of the protesters have entered the capitol where there is an armed standoff with Capitol police who have their guns drawn at the door of the chamber.

One woman is reportedly being treated for gunshot wounds.
Also members of Congress were give gas masks as they were ushered out of the chamber and ordered to shelter-in-place in their offices.

The Vice President was also evacuated but his location is unknown. The White House is under high alert as well. The president is reportedly watching the chaos unfold from m the Oval Office.

Members of Congress have been evacuated and have gone into hiding as thousands of protesters storm the U.S. Capitol.

The D.C. mayor has ordered a 6 p.m. curfew.

This pro-Trump protest was preplanned yet, clearly law enforcement was caught off-guard and is now outnumbered.

The U.S. National Guard was supposed to be on standby, but has only just been deployed by the president.