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Two woman caught stealing cellphones and other items at Sunfest

West Palm Beach Police
West Palm Beach Police

WEST PALM BEACH, FL– Two women have been arrested after they allegedly stole cellphones and other items from concertgoers at Sunfest over the weekend.
The suspects were taken into custody after a struggle with police on Saturday.
Authorities say they were alert to 30-year-old Briyith Nuzez and 24-year-old Angelica Fernandez after one of the victims immediately contacted police after having an encounter with the women.
The victim told police that she was watching the show when the two women pushed up against her. The victim says she told them to get off of her, and that’s when she realized they’d taken her phone.
Authorities were able to locate the suspects, whom they said immediately began speaking in Spanish and refusing to listen to orders.
“They both resisted arrest, they both spoke Spanish and refused to comply and fought the officers,” said Mike Jachles, spokesperson for the West Palm Beach police department.
As the suspects were being taken into custody, additional victims came forward to say that they were targeted by the women.
Officials say they found four cellphones, $1,800 in cash, debit cards, credit cards and retail gift cards, Florida driver’s licenses and a college ID, and a personal check that did not belong to the suspects.
Nunez and Fernando have been charged with four counts of robbery by sudden snatching and resisting arrest.
Authorities say they do not believe the women acted alone and that they are part of a larger crime ring.
Officials also say they believe there are more victims.