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Two officers fired after presenting fake COVID vaccine cards

vaccine card
A Covid-19 vaccination card is displayed. | Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo

Two police officers have been fired after they allegedly submitted fake COVID vaccination cards to their department.

Officers Heather Schaeffer and Benjamin Lapp of the Lancaster City Bureau of Police in Pennsylvania were terminated from their positions on October 18th and the 20th, after a Bureau of Police internal investigation found that the two officers submitted false records to get around their city’s COVID-19 protocols.

Investigators say Officer Schaeffer managed to obtain a blank COVID-19 vaccination card from a family member and then made a copy of it and sold it to Officer Lapp for $20.

The officers then turned the vaccination cards into their bureau.

The police department is reporting that the officers were not fired due to their vaccination status but because they violated the standards of conduct expected by all officers in the department.

Their ” conduct unbecoming an officer and for conduct suggesting they are unfit for service as police officers,” the bureau said.

According to the report, vaccines are not required for city officials unless they want to work without wearing a facial covering.