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Two missing teens found dead on trail



The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced that they believe they have found the bodies of two teens who were reported missing over the weekend. 

Two bodies fitting the description of 14-year-old Lyric Woods and 18-year-old Devin Clark were discovered Sunday near the intersection of Buckhorn and Yarbrough roads by men riding ATVs.

Both victims appear to have been shot. 

“Although we do not have that confirmation yet, in the absence of any other missing persons matching the descriptions of the individuals located, the tragic but logical conclusion is increasingly clear,” Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a statement late Monday.

While medical examiners have not identified the bodies, the bodies were found less than three miles away from Woods’ home and family members identified the teens. 

Woods was reported missing by her family on Saturday after they woke up that morning and realized that she was not in the home and the backdoor was left unlocked. The family claims that Woods appears to have taken her iPad but left everything else at home. 

Clark was reported missing on Saturday after his family says they had not seen or heard from him since Friday. 

Police K-9’s traced Woods’ scent to an area of the trail that is popular for ATV riding, however, they did not find her there. 

 A neighbor told authorities that he witnessed a girl fitting the description of Woods riding in a vehicle around 3:00 a.m. Saturday.

Authorities believe Woods may have traveled to the area where the K-9’s traced her scent before getting a ride from someone. 

It wasn’t until they received a phone call from men riding ATVs in the area that they discovered the bodies.

Clark’s mother told reporters that she believes the teens met up with someone else but is unaware who that person could be:

“Who is strong enough to carry two bodies and dump them? We want answers,” she said.

Clark’s mother also reported that while the teens appear to have known each other, she has never seen or heard of Woods. 

The situation is still under investigation.