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Two men in custody after shooting over infidelity, meth possession

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(Courtesy of The Indian County Sheriff’s Office)

(INDIAN RIVER COUNTY) – The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office arrested one man after an altercation over infidelity led him to pull a gun out and shoot at the victim. The victim was later arrested after being found in possession of methamphetamine in a residential neighborhood in Vero Beach, police say.

According to a Facebook post from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, 64-year-old Mark Perruzzi, learned his significant other had invited Jason Nesbitt, 46, over to their home on Sunday night to take part in some methamphetamine and have an “intimate” encounter.

Perruzzi had previously warned Nesbitt to stay away. When Perruzzi learned Nesbitt was at the home in the 200 block of 20th Avenue, the sheriff’s office said Perruzzi armed himself with a 45-caliber semiautomatic handgun and shot at Nesbitt from the second-story balcony.

Nesbitt fled the scene on a bicycle, and Perruzzi chased him down the street. Neighbors called 911.

While deputies interviewed Nesbitt, they discovered he was in possession of methamphetamine.

Detectives, after obtaining a search warrant, found a .45 caliber handgun and a spent .45 caliber shell casing.

Nesbitt and Perruzzi were transported to the county jail.

Perruzzi, who is being held on $500,000 bond, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Nesbitt was charged with possession of a controlled substance.