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Two men facing charges after posing as U.S. Marshals

AP Photo_John Raoux (74)
Broward county Jail

Two men are now facing charges after they posed as US Federal Marshals at a beach resort in order to get out of wearing a face mask.

The incident was reported at the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort in early February.

According to the report, 81-year-old Gary Brummett went up to the front desk to ask for a coffee, that’s when a staff member asked him to put on a face mask. Brummett reportedly flashed a laminated card stating that he was medically exempted from wearing a face mask and refused to put one on. When a manager again asked to put on a face mask, Brummett then pointed to a badge on his belt and asked the manager “Do you know what this means?” Brummett then went on to claim that he was a U.S. marshal and that he could arrest the manager if he is forced to wear a mask.

Two days after the confrontation with Brummett, the staff encountered 53-year-old Walter Wayne Brown Jr. who also refused to wear a face mask.

When Brown Jr. checked into the resort, an employee handed him a face mask and asked him to wear it. Brown refused to wear the face mask and claimed to be a U.S Marshal.  Brown then showed the employee a U.S. Marshal’s badge and a laminated card that stated that he did not have to wear a face mask.

The next day Brown returned to the front desk to extend his stay and the manager asked him to put on a mask. Brown refused to put on a mask and threatened to arrest the manager if he was forced to do so.

Another employee informed the manager that her cousin is a U.S Marshal and that she believed the men were both frauds.

The manager eventually called the police to investigate the incident.

Investigators located the pair dining at one of the resort’s restaurants and questioned them about their identity. During the investigation, authorities found that neither of the men where ever employed by the U.S. Marshal and that mask exemption cards they had in their possession were also fake.

They were both arrested and remain at the Broward County Jail.