Two Massive Black Holes on a Collision Course with Each Other

Astronomers at Princeton University probing deep space have made a startling discovery: two massive black holes that are on a collision course with each other.

Given that the black holes each have a mass more than 800 times that of Earth’s sun, the idea of the two smashing into each other might sound pretty unsettling.

But fortunately, they’re located about 2.5 billion light years away, scientists say. That means the collision scientists are preparing to watch actually happened a long, long time ago; it just took 2.5 billion years for the image to reach Earth.

Nevertheless, the discovery has sent waves of joy across the world of astronomy. “It’s a major embarrassment for astronomy that we don’t know if supermassive black holes merge,” says study co-author Jenny Greene.

“For everyone in black hole physics, observationally this is a long-standing puzzle that we need to solve.”

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