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Two Florida lawmakers want more cameras in the House

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — After the contentious vote for House Speaker earlier this month, there are Florida lawmakers, from both sides of the aisle calling for more cameras to give the public a glimpse into how House business is conducted.

Video from C-SPAN showed the moment the Sergeant at Arms restrained a GOP representative confronting Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz during clashes on the House floor.  Gaetz held up the Speaker vote by voting “present” rather than for Kevin McCarthy.

Now Rep. Gaetz and another Florida lawmaker, a newly-elected 25-year-old Democrat, want those cameras to have increased access all the time.  Maxwell Frost, the first Gen Z congressman from Florida says he’s also on board with that along with other lawmakers saying the same thing.  C-SPAN weighing in with a thumbs up to more access as well.