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Two Chinese nationals arrested after taking photos of US Naval Air Station

Authorities have arrested two Chinese nationals who allegedly snuck onto a Naval base and began taking photos of several structures.

The incident occurred over the weekend at the Naval Air Station in Key West, Florida.

An FBI affidavit reported that two men, Yuhao Wang and Jielun Zhang, drove up to the main entrance of the base and asked to enter. A security guard then informed the men that they were only allowed on the base if they had a military ID.

Despite being turned away, the men still somehow drove onto the base but were later apprehended after someone noticed them taking photos of several structures on the grounds.

Wang and Zhang both had their initial court hearings on Monday and are due back in court on Friday for their bail hearings.

The arrests comes just weeks after two other Chinese nationalist were separately arrested for taking photos of structures on the same base.

A Chinese man named Zhao Qianli pleaded guilty last year after he was caught illegally taking photos on the base. He has since been sentenced to a year in federal prison.

A fourth Chinese man, Lyuyou Liao,  was also arrested for illegally taking photos of structures on the base. He is currently being held without bond, however,  his lawyer argues that Liao was just taking photos while on vacation and that all the evidence collected barely points to a crime.