Two arrested in connection with the shooting death of a teen in a restaurant parking lot

Miami-Dade Police Department

Officials in Miami have arrested two suspects in connection with the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old in a restaurant parking lot.

The shooting occurred around 2:45 a.m., Sunday in the parking lot of 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant at 1395 NW 57th Ave.

According to the report, two groups of people began arguing in the parking lot when someone from one of the groups threw a bottle at the other group. That’s when someone from the other group went to a vehicle, grabbed a riffle and fired two warning shots into the ground. Another person from the group then grabbed the gun and began firing into the crowd.

16-year-old Ana Alvarez-Hernandez who was one of the bystanders, was struck by a bullet as she ran for cover. Her boyfriend and friends rushed her to the hospital where she later died.

Authorities say no one from the scene contacted them about the shooting and it was only after the hospital staff called them that they were made aware of the incident.

After an investigation in which authorities asked for the public’s help, authorities announced the arrest of 20-year-old Loidel Gomez-Rouco and 22-year-old Mario Pedro Conley-Hernandez . While investigators reported that neither Gomez-Rouco or Conley-Hernandez fired the weapon, they did advise the gunman to flee the country to avoid being arrested.

Authorities say the person who fired the fatal shot went home unaware that he killed someone but has since left the country after being advised to do so by the arrested suspects.

Gomez-Rouco and Conley-Hernandez were charged with accessory after the fact.