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Twitter Slaps Disclaimer on Trump Tweet regarding “Looting and Shooting”

Twitter has slapped a disclaimer on a tweet from President Trump which reads “when the looting starts the shooting starts” a reference to the federal government deploying protection against the violent protests over Floyd’s death. The tweet is still viewable but hidden beneath a disclaimer.

Twitter says it may be in the public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible. This after Trump yesterday signed an executive order escalating his war with Twitter and social media companies.

Trump is furious about Twitter fact-checking his recent, unsubstantiated tweets about mail-in voting and alleged voter fraud. He said his executive order deals with one of the “greatest threats to free speech.” Trump argued — “What they choose to fact-check or ignore is nothing more than political activism.” Trump said Twitter, Facebook and Google have “unchecked power.” He called it “very very unfair” and labeled it “censorship and bias.”

The executive order aims to curb the power of the social media giants and it will likely be challenged in court. It seeks to remove a liability shield that the companies have. Trump said the American people should not be bullied by social media giants. Trump was asked if he would consider deleting his Twitter account. He said he would consider doing that but, “The news is fake.” He added, “There’s so much fake news it’s disgraceful.”