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Twins’s Reaction to “In the Air Tonight” Drums goes Viral

Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight is a hit, 39 years after it was released. The British rocker can thank twins from Gary, Indiana who’ve made In the Air Tonight possibly the most meme-d song of August 2020.
Twenty-two-year-olds Tim and Fred Williams sent the song soaring with their spontaneous reaction to the unexpected drum break in Collins’ ballad.
The two said they did not expect to hear a drum solo riff in the middle of the song.
“Hey, I never heard somebody drop a beat three minutes into a song!” they exclaimed admitting that they’d been “sleeping on this one.’
In the Air Tonight is currently Number-3 on the iTunes song sales chart.
The twins have a whole channel and share their reaction to songs they have never heard before by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Phil Collins.