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No Major Upsets in Congressional Races, as Voter Turnout Reaches Strong Level

Election Day is here, and despite several heated Congressional races in Palm Beach County, there didn’t seem to be any major surprises as the results rolled in.

In terms of turnout, local residents certainly voted in big numbers.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office Wendy Sartory Link says there was just under 76 percent turnout between mail ballots, early voting and those casting their ballots on Election Day. However, the county’s record was set in 1992, when 85 percent of registered voters turned out.

Here are the results (updated throughout the evening):

Representative in Congress, District 21:

Lois Frankel (Dem): 59 percent – WINNER

Laura Loomer (Rep): 39 percent

Representative in Congress, District 20:

Alcee Hastings (Dem): 79 percent – WINNER

Greg Musselwhite  (Rep): 21 percent

Representative in Congress, District 22:

Ted Deutch (Dem): 59 percent – WINNER

James Pruden (Rep): 41 percent

Representative in Congress, District 23:

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Rep): 60 percent – WINNER

Carla Spalding (Dem): – 40 percent

Representative in Congress, District 18:

Sgt. Brian Mast (Rep): 56 percent – WINNER

Pam Keith (Dem): 42 percent

State Senator, District 29:

Tina Polsky (Dem): 54 percent – WINNER

Brian Norton (Rep): 46 percent

Palm Beach County Sheriff:

Ric Bradshaw (Dem): 65 percent – WINNER

Lauro Diaz (Rep): 35 percent

As far as amendments on the ballot (60 percent of the vote needed to pass):

  • Amendment 1: Changes the wording of the Florida Constitution to state “only a citizen” of the U.S. may vote, rather than “every citizen” – PASSES
  • Amendment 2: Proposes to gradually raise Florida’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026 –
  • Amendment 3: Establishes a top-two open primary system for state office primary elections –
  • Amendment 4: Requires voter-approved constitutional amendments to be approved by voters at a second general election –
  • Amendment 5: Increases the period during which a person may transfer “Save Our Homes” benefits to a new homestead property from two years to three years –
  • Amendment 6: Allows a homestead property tax discount to be transferred to the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran – PASSES

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