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Trump’s TRUTH Social is live

Donald Trump
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Former President Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social is live with a soft open today. The new platform appears to be widely available on Apple’s App Store and not just for those who pre-ordered it.

The app appeared just before midnight, ahead of the schedule. Apparently, the company is operating under a staged-approach, and explained that TRUTH Social will populate with new users who pre-ordered the app over the next 10 days. Those who pre-ordered the app from the Apple Store would be able to access it at midnight.

The app includes features such as a custom profile, a search tool, video capabilities, messaging, and a dark mode, according to its link on the App Store.
Trump’s social media app is going live more than a year after he was banned or indefinitely suspended from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Nunes joined TMTG as CEO in December, after retiring from Congress after nearly two decades.
“We want to be very family-friendly, we want this to be a very safe place, and we are focused on making sure any illegal content is not on the site,” according to Nunes.