Trump to Meet with Queen Elizabeth

President Trump is on London today for a NATO world leaders summit.

President Trump claims NATO is getting much stronger. During a photo-op with French President Emmanuel Macron in London, Trump said NATO was headed in the wrong direction before he started pushing for all member nations to boost their defense spending.
Macron stood by his statement that NATO was suffering “brain death.”
Macron made the comment while talking about how Europe could no longer count on absolute support from the U.S.
In earlier remarks, Trump called Macron’s comment “very insulting.”

The president had a working breakfast this morning with NATO’s secretary general.
President Trump was asked for his reaction to the royal scandal involving Prince Andrew. Trump says he has never met the prince and probably won’t today.
In a B-B-C interview, Virginia Roberts Giuffre says Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with the prince when she was 17 three times.
She says the photo of her with the prince is authentic and she gave it to the FBI. She also called his dancing hideous and claimed he sweated all over her.
In an earlier interview, Prince Andrew declared he had a condition that prevented him from sweating.
The president is also scheduled to attend a reception today at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth.