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Trump sues the Attorney General of New York to protect “trust”

Trump-Social Media
(AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

(FLORIDA) — Former President Trump is suing the attorney general of New York and accusing her of harassment.
Trump’s 41-page civil lawsuit filed in a Florida circuit court aims to protect beneficiaries upon his death from New York Attorney General Letitia James who has launched an investigation into his business.
He accused her making repeated attempts to steal, destroy or control all things Trump, including a “revocable trust” that contains decisions about the disposition of his assets upon his death.
Trump said the trust “requires protection from James” after she sought documents about the trust as part of her investigation. James said she would not be deterred from pursuing Trump’s fraud.
Attorney General Letitia James filed the $250-million lawsuit against Trump and his organization in September, accusing them of fraud. On Wednesday night, Trump announced that he’s now suing James and is accusing her of abusing her position.
In his complaint, Trump claims that James has a “longstanding” bias against him and is waging a “war of intimidation and harassment” against him and his organization. On Truth Social, he claimed that James filed the lawsuit because he was “leading in the polls.”