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Trump rally draws thousands to Sarasota

Former President Trump drew a huge crowd in Sarasota and covered a lot of ground during his second campaign style rally since leaving the White House.

Trump charged that “our streets are being overtaken by vicious thugs and bloodthirsty criminals,” and claiming that “our border is being erased before our very eyes.”

Trump also entertained a potential 2024 presidential run to try and return to the White House, saying “we are looking at the election, more than looking at it,” red meat which garnered cheers from the crowd.

During the 90-minute spirited speech, Trump didn’t mention fellow Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wha also may run for President in 2024.

The governor’s office said that DeSantis wanted to attend the rally but decided, amid the tragedy in Surfside and the looming hurricane headed towards Florida, not to attend the rally.

“He spoke with President Trump, who agreed that it was the right decision, because the governor’s duty is to be in Surfside,” DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw said.

Also, DeSantis’ office denied fake news that pitted him against Trump by pushing back against a media report that he asked former President Donald Trump to cancel the Florida rally while search and rescue efforts continue at Surfside.

“There was never, at any time, a ‘plea’ from Gov. DeSantis or anyone on his team to cancel or postpone the rally,” according to Pushaw.

“This confusion could have been cleared up very easily – and I believe it has been, with our unequivocal statements on the record.”