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Trump: “If Bill Barr were First AG, There Would Be NO Russia Hoax”

President Donald Trump Friday morning was live on FOX news and was asked if Attorney General Bill Barr was his original selection, rather than Sen. Jeff Sessions, would there have been a Russia investigation? The president said, “Absolutely not.” Trump said he felt obligated to nominate Sessions as his AG because he was the first senator to endorse him, he was from one of his favorite states Alabama and he begged him for the job.

Shortly after being confirmed as the U.S. Attorney General Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe which lead to the hiring of a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller.
Trump said that if Bill Barr was his AG then, he would not have shut down the investigation because he recognized early on that it was a fraud. Finally, President Trump fired Sessions who was eventually replaced by Bill Barr who was the former AG for President George H.W. Bush.

Better late than never, AG Barr has gotten to the bottom of the Russia investigation and the fur is flying. The DOJ has asked a federal judge to drop all criminal charges against former Trump National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn after documentation shows that he was entrapped by the FBI in an investigation that began before Trump’s inauguration.

President Trump said, “Bill Barr has done an excellent job” in unearthing the facts about the investigation “that was aimed at trying to unseat a duly elected president.”

Speaking with reporters yesterday, Trump said Flynn is an “innocent man” who was “targeted by the Obama Administration.”

He added that a “big price should be paid” for the mistreatment of Flynn. Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI, but later tried to withdraw the plea.

New evidence shows FBI agents tried to entrap the aide to President Trump.