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Trump Cheers Record Jobs Numbers

(Washington, DC) — President Trump is cheering the latest record-setting jobs report, calling it “spectacular news.”

Four-point-eight million jobs were restored in June and the unemployment rate fell to eleven-point-one percent.

It was 13-point-three percent in May.

Trump told reporters that the new figures shattered expectations and argued that the U.S. economy is roaring back. He noted that consumer confidence is on the rise and said the U.S. stock market is soaring. Trump also said 80% of small businesses are back open.

Trump repeated a prediction that next year will be an incredible year.

The economy was devastated by the coronavirus outbreak and the virus is surging again in more than a dozen states.

Trump said the coronavirus “hot spots” will be tamped down quickly.

“Today’s announcement proves that our economy is roaring back,” Trump said, rattling off different sectors that saw job gains according to the monthly report. “These are historic numbers.”

Thursday’s report, Trump said, “suggests that workers are confident about finding a new job.” He added, though, that the White House and Congress continue to negotiate on another round of stimulus, frequently called “Phase 4,” to help the economy withstand a pandemic now in its fourth month.