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Trump-Biden transition live updates: 'We're all in this together,' Biden says



(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump is slated to hand over control of the White House to President-elect Joe Biden in 55 days.

Here is how the transition is unfolding. All times Eastern:

Nov 26, 9:55 am
Joe and Jill Biden urge Americans to stay home, honor front-line workers in Thanksgiving message

In a new video posted to Twitter, President-elect Joe Biden and future first lady Jill Biden talk about their altered Thanksgiving, reminding Americans that while celebrations may be more isolated this year, they are helping keep Americans safe.

“We have a long tradition of traveling to Nantucket with our big family, a large family, every Thanksgiving. We won’t be doing that this year. This year we’re going to be staying in Delaware, with just a small group around at our dinner table,” the president-elect said. “I know this isn’t the way many of us hoped we’d spend our holiday. We know that a small act of staying home is a gift to our fellow Americans.”

He continued: “Yes, it’s a personal sacrifice that each of our families can make and should make to save somebody else’s life. But it’s also a shared sacrifice for the whole country, a statement of common purpose that says we care about one another and we’re all in this together.”

The future first lady added that this year, “We’re thankful for the millions of Americans who have been working on the front lines throughout this pandemic.”

Jill Biden also spoke directly to families who have lost a loved one to the pandemic this year, noting her own family’s understanding of the “empty chair” at the table.

“Joe and I know the pain of that empty chair,” she said. “If you are one of those families, please know that our hearts are with you and that you know that you aren’t alone.”

Finally, Joe Biden urged Americans to come together this holiday.

“We might not be able to join our hands around a table with our loved ones, we can come together as a nation,” he said.

Joe and Jill Biden also penned an op-ed for CNN about the holiday and how this year’s celebration requires large sacrifices to keep the country safe.

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