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Trump accuses Hillary Clinton team of treason, probe finds her camp allegedly spied on his servers

Hillary Clinton
FILE – In this Nov. 8, 2016, file photo, then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally in Raleigh, N.C. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome, File)

Donald Trump is accusing Hillary Clinton’s election campaign of treason after the special counsel determined that her team paid for the infiltration of his White House and Trump Tower servers in a bid to find ties to Russia to smear him with.
Read Trump’s statement here.
Trump in a statement Sunday likened the alleged spying to the infamous Watergate scandal, which brought down Richard Nixon.
‘What Hillary Clinton and the Radical Left Democrats did with respect to spying on a President of the United States, even while in office, is a far bigger crime than Watergate,’ Trump said.
‘It will be interesting to see how it was covered by the media and what Mitch McConnell and the RINOs will be doing about it. This is an insult to the Republican Party, but a far greater insult to our Nation.’
Trump on Saturday unleashed a furious broadside claiming that Team Clinton’s behavior would once have merited execution, after Durham made a court filing explaining the alleged hack.
He said: ‘In a stronger period of time in our country, this crime would have been punishable by death. In addition, reparations should be paid to those in our country who have been damaged by this.’
Special Counsel John Durham made a court filing explaining the alleged hack saying that Hillary Clinton’s lawyers worked to ‘infiltrate’ the Trump Tower, White House servers.
The claim was made in John Durham’s investigation which has brought charges against an FBI attorney and a former Hilary Clinton campaign worker.
Even some Democrats are calling for an investigation.