Tropical Storm Dorian’s Potential Local Impact Currently Unknown

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Dorian is certainly keeping forecasters guessing, for now.

The tropical storm, which formed over the weekend, is currently located more than 2,100 miles to the southeast of South Florida.

It has top winds of 40 miles per hour, and should continue moving in a west-northwesterly direction.

A tropical storm warning has been posted for Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Lucia is currently under a tropical storm watch. In addition, favorable water temperatures, as well as low wind shear in the storm’s path, will likely lead to more strengthening.

The National Hurricane Center says that additional watches or warnings could be issued later Sunday for portions of the Windward and Leeward Islands. The center also advises those in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Hispaniola to monitor the storm’s path.

Dorian is expected to become a hurricane by the time it reaches the Northeast Caribbean sometime during the middle of the week. Forecasters expect the storm to undergo increasing wind shear later this week as it interacts with land, potentially leading to gradual weakening.

The NHC also says it is too early to tell what impact, if any, South Florida could feel from Dorian.