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Tropical Storm Cristobal forms in Bay of Campeche, expected to move into Gulf of Mexico

tree palm weather Hurricane or tropical storm wind buffeting palm trees

Hurricane Season 2020 has arrived.

Tropical Storm Cristobal formed Thursday afternoon in Bay of Campeche near the southern Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The National Hurricane Center said a tropical storm warning is now in effect along the coast of Mexico, and Cristobal is expected to bring heavy rain to southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Cristobal is projected to spend most of this week trapped in the southern Gulf of Mexico, causing massive flooding and mudslides in Mexico and Central America. Cristobal is forecasted to begin moving northward across the Gulf of Mexico by this weekend.

The National Hurricane Center says it is too soon to predict its impacts along the U.S. Gulf coast.