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Trooper facing charges after letting k-9 attack suspect

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(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

A Michigan State Police Trooper is now facing a felony assault charge after he allegedly allowed a k-9 officer to attack a suspect for an extended period of time during a traffic stop despite the suspect not resisting arrest.

The incident was reported on November 13th on Willoughby Road and Long Boulevard in Lansing.

According to the report, Trooper Parker Surbrook attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a driver he believed could be armed. The driver, however, did not stop and attempted to flee the scene. Soon after fleeing the scene, the driver reportedly crashed into a tree and waited at the scene.

When Surbook and an undercover officer arrived at the crash scene, the suspect got out of the crash vehicle and stood next to it. That’s when Surbook released his k-9 on the driver while yelling, ” stop him, stop him, stop him.”

Dashcam video showed the trooper allowing the dog to attack the suspect for an extended period of time despite the suspect “not displaying active physical resistance,” Michigan State Police said in their report.

Investigators reported that Surbrook’s actions were outside of their standards of conduct and the department’s K-9 policies.

Surbook was placed on unpaid leave on Dec. 4th and will remain on unpaid leave as the case continues.

He has also been removed from the K-9 Unit.