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Treasure Coast commissioners ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores

HSUS Launches Operations Shelter Snuggle & Grey Muzzle in Puerto Rico
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR THE HSUS – This week under the Humane Puerto Rico program, The Humane Society of the United States launched Operation Shelter Snuggle to deliver 1,000 Kuranda beds to 10 shelters, Operation Grey Muzzle to transport more than 200 dogs from the island to shelter and rescue partners on the mainland, and conducted a training workshop for shelters and rescues in Puerto Rico. In this image, HSUS staff member Molly Feldman interacts with a rescued cat at the Villa Michelle animal shelter in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017. (Carlos Giusti/AP Images for The HSUS)

Martin County pet stores have been outlawed from selling furry critters.

The sale of dogs, cats and rabbits is now illegal in Martin County affecting two stores that sell animals in the city limits of Stuart.

County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to make the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits illegal in Martin County.

Pet stores in Martin County now have a six month window to find buyers for the animals in stock before ban goes into effect.

More than 70 local governments in Florida have already banned the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores,

The sale of domestic animals from pet stores stems from a few “bad apples” who sold animals from puppy mills or pets with serious health concerns.

Nationwide, five states have passed total bans on the sale of dogs. Florida has not been able to pass a similar ban.