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Travis Scott losing money after many lose their lives at his concert

Horror in Houston where a crowd-crush at a rap concert Friday night killed 8 people, including a 14-year old boy, and injured hundreds.
A few people are already suing Kylie Jennery’s baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott and other organizers like Live Nation. Scott continued to perform for 38 minutes after the crowd pushed toward the stage injuring and killing people.
Lawsuits naming Travis Scott have been already filed and Florida attorney Benjamin Crump was soliciting clients on Twitter.

Currently no criminal charges have been filed against Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Webster II, but he could face negligent homicide charges in addition to civil suits that could drain his wallet.
Also, Scott was set to perform next weekend at another open-air festival but a petition is underway to get him dropped from upcoming Coachella.
His name is still on the published list of acts at ‘Day N Vegas,’ but Variety reports that Scott won’t be there.
He also has agreed to give refunds to fans at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, some of whom had paid a thousand dollars to be there.

Meanwhile, the whole thing could have been prevented according to the Houston Police Chief Troy Finner who reportedly visited Travis Scott in his trailer to warn about the crowd before the deadly Astroworld concert.

Finner told the New York Times that he relayed to the rapper, who is an acquaintance, that he had a huge crowd of very devoted fans had amassed for the Friday show at NRG Park.
Still, Scott got on stage and told the crowd to “rage” and lift their middle finger to the sky if they were alright.
In the separate video of the concert, Mr. Scott could be heard saying, “If everybody good, put a middle finger up to the sky.” The video showed the ambulance in the crowd, surrounded by people holding their phones, many with a middle finger extended.

Then, two men who appeared to be part of Mr. Scott’s entourage approached him on the stage. He shooed them away and turned to the crowd, asking those present to put “two hands to the sky.”

The video showed the performer raising his hands in the air.

“Y’all know what you came to do,” Mr. Scott said to the crowd. Then, as the music resumed, he urged the crowd to make the “ground shake.”

The concert, which continued for about another 30 minutes, ended with Mr. Scott waving to the crowd and jogging offstage as he said: “I love y’all. Make it home safe. Good night!”

Scott has a history of inciting fans to ignore security and violently storm the stage leading to him being arrested twice and sued.

He was charged over music festivals in Arkansas in 2017 and in Chicago in 2015 for whipping up hysteria and encouraging moshing that left a guard and concertgoers injured.

According to a police timeline of the evening, the concert wasn’t ended until nearly 40 minutes after authorities had declared a “mass casualty event,” The Times said.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña says it’s up to the the star and the concert organizers to step in and stop the show.

Scott said in an Instagram message that he was unaware how bad things had gotten in the crowd.

The rapper and Live Nation declined to respond to specific questions, but said they will cooperate with the probe.
Meanwhile, there is another criminal probe into the possible injection of an opioid drugs into a security guard who passed out and required Narcan at the scene.