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Train driver survives mid-air crash after sculpture catches carriage

Netherlands Metro Whale
. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

A metro train driver was able to escape a mid-air crash without injury after the train landed directly on top of a sculpture of a whale tail.

The incident occurred on Monday near the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.

According to the report, the train was traveling on an elevated section of rails when the front carriage somehow rammed through the stop barriers and was caught by the nearby sculpture.

The train’s operator was said to be uninjured in the crash and thankfully no-one else was on board at the time.

The creator of the sculpture spoke to area news outlets saying that he is surprised but grateful that his work saved someone’s life.

“I’m surprised it’s so strong,” Maarten Strujis told Dutch broadcaster RTL. “If plastic has been standing for 20 years, you don’t expect it to hold a metro carriage.”

As of Tuesday in Rotterdam, the train remained perched upon one of two tail fins as authorities worked to stabilize the train and bring it down.

Officials say they are also investigating how the train was able to break through the barriers in the first place.