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Top ten takeaways from abysmal 2020

Election 2020 Debate
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden adjusts his face mask after participating during the second and final presidential debate Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020, at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., with President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

1. An energetic, chaotic businessman forever changed the U.S. presidency by eclipsing the productivity of past office-holders and exposing the deep state.  The result, impeachment.

2.  One political party won the mail-in election battle by weaponizing the coronavirus, the media and big tech.  But, the other may win the war with the support of the military, law enforcement and an armed militia.  The result, potential civil war.

3.  An American divorcée’ single-handedly destroyed the British monarchy’s mystique by dragging an unwitting prince across the pond leaving his family’s taxpayer-funded reign in peril.  The result, a deal with Disney.

4.  The pandemic revealed that Americans can survive without Hollywood’s blockbuster movies but we cannot live without sports.  The result, a movie star meltdown and the “bubble.”

5.  The Russian conspiracy was fueled by those protecting their financial interests with the real enemy, communist China.  The result, membership on the intelligence committee for a congressman who had a relationship with a sexy spy named Feng Feng.

6.  A kicker, who identifies as a girl, scored the first points ever in a Power Five college football game.  The result, the football is headed to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

7.  A diminutive doctor’s order to stay home, wear a mask and socially distance to prevent the spread of COVID 19 puts America’s economy on life support.  The result, the death of 250,000 and of small business, plus the promise of  $600 bucks each, and a vaccine.

8. The U.S. Supreme Court loses a beloved jurist and her death leads to a dramatic 6-3 ideological shift.  The result, a promise to pack the court.

9. The tragic death of a black man in police custody leads to arson, looting, and peaceful protests.  The result, an effort to defund the police and an argument over whose lives really matter.

10. A deeply divided America was not made great again.  The result, the first female (Vice) President was elected.