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Toddler’s heart ‘ripped in half’ by mom’s boyfriend

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Police in Indiana are reporting that they have arrested a woman’s boyfriend after one of her children died while in his custody.

According to court records 27- year-old Shaquille Rowe was charged with battery of a minor causing death and neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

Rowe told police that at one point while watching the children,  he decided to take a shower but soon got out of the shower because he heard one of the children crying. Rowe says he then found the child identified as Aiden, not breathing properly and lying on the ground and called the police.

When police arrived they reported that Rowe was found performing CPR on the child. The child was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

First responders, however, noticed that the child’s injuries indicated that he has been abused.

A coroner later confirmed the report stating that Aiden’s death was due to blunt force injuries to the chest. An autopsy revealed that the child had a fractured sternum and his heart “was ripped in half.” In addition to that, the child was said to have lost a “massive amount” of blood loss to his spleen, kidney and pancreas.

Officials believe the child may have died within two to five minutes of being injured.

The child’s mother briefly spoke to reporters only stating that she left the children with Rowe for two hours.

Rowe was said to have met bail on Wednesday and is expected in court next Monday.