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Toddler abandoned at Goodwill with bag of clothes

AP Photo_John Raoux (6)
Southaven Police

Officials in Mississippi are currently investigating after a child believed to be around the age of two, was abandoned at a Goodwill store with a bag of clothing, a bowl of food, and a note. The discovery was made Monday at a Goodwill at 57 Stateline Road in Southaven. An employee says a man accompanied by a woman walked the child to the store and said “the child’s mother couldn’t care for him.” The suspect then left the child at the store with the clothes and a note saying “child abandoned…no phone number for mom.” Authorities say the child was unable to tell them his name of the names of his relatives, however, they captured surveillance video of pair suspected of abandoning the child. As of Tuesday, a report from WREG says the child has been identified and at least one person was taken into custody.

The child is said to be doing well and is in the custody of Mississippi Child Protective Services, however, the child may be reunited with his family if CPS determines it’s a proper move.