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TikTok Star Licks Toilet Seat, Tests Positive For Coronavirus Days Later!

Who didn’t see this coming? Just days after taking part in the toilet seat licking so-called coronavirus challenge, a participant has now tested positive for the disease.

TikTok influencer Larz, revealed the news on Twitter less than a week after his stunt, sharing a now-deleted video from his hospital bed along with the caption, “RT (retweet) to spread awareness for the Coronavirus.”

The “game” started on the short video social media site with Ava Louise, who kicked things off licking the seat in an airplane lavatory, asking her followers to do the same.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan delighted in Larz’s plight, calling him “scum” and saying catching COVID-19 was “karma”.

Should there be any criminal penalty for these stunts? How do you feel about Morgan’s reaction?