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“Tiger King” Joe Exotic resentenced to 21 years in prison

Joe Schreibvoge Maldonado
(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

Joe Exotic of “Tiger King” has been resentenced to serve 21 years behind bars in an alleged murder-for-hire plot.

A federal judge issued the resentencing on Friday, reducing the original sentence by only one year.

During the trial, the television star pleaded with the judge to not let him “die in prison:”

“Please don’t make me die in prison waiting for a chance to be free,” Joe told the judge.

Joe who is a former zookeeper, was sentenced to 22 years behind bars in January 2020 after he allegedly tried to hire two different men to kill animal welfare activist Carole Baskin who was featured on the Tiger King show.

During the show, both Joe and Carole were often at each other’s throats over their ownership and treatment of the animals in their care. Carole often criticized Joe’s zoo, alleging that his treatment of the animals was inhumane.

Joe still maintains his innocence, however,  evidence shows that he offered $10,000 to an undercover FBI agent to kill Baskin during a recorded December 2017 meeting.