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Three People Found Stranded On Deserted Island

(Key West, FL) — Three Cubans, two men and a woman, are back among civilization after five weeks stranded on a deserted island in The Bahamas. A Coast Guard helicopter crew out of Florida spotted the castaways waving flags on the tiny island between the Florida Keys and Cuba.

A trio of Cuban nationals were rescued by the U-S Coast Guard yesterday after spending more than 30 days stranded on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas.
Mike Allert, the aircraft commander on the U-S Coast Guard helicopter,

Coast Guard Rescue-Unknown Status

Officials say the group survived on wildlife like conch shells and rats and were flown to a hospital in Key West, Florida, where they received treatment for dehydration and fatigue.

They delivered food, water and a radio on Monday and got them off the island yesterday. The three were in pretty good shape, considering they’d been stranded since their boat capsized more than a month ago.