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Three infants abandoned at the same Florida apartment complex in separate years, turn out to be related

Police have discovered that three infants who were all abandoned at the same apartment complex in Orlando, Florida in three separate years are related.

Orlando Police say last summer, an infant was found on a doorstep in the apartment complex with a note: The mother feared her baby’s father and the harm he could cause them both.

In 2016, and in 2017 two infants were also left at the same apartments.

Detective Ghena Luker requested DNA testing for the newborn found in July of 2019. Luker said she then learned of the two infants who were abandoned in similar cases, one born in 2016, and another in 2017, and that’s when she believed the cases were all related.

“I submitted DNA from all three children and learned they shared the same mother and father,” Luker wrote in the memo, submitted in March and made public this month. “Several additional familial matches were also discovered through the DNA testing.”

Police are currently working to identify the parents of the infants. Officials say the safety of the mother is their top priority.