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Thousands rally for gun reform following rise in mass shootings

Rally for Gun Reform
Manifestantes protestan contra la violencia de armas frente al Capitolio de Florida en Tallahassee, el miércoles 21 de febrero de 2018. (AP Foto/Mark Wallheiser)

Thousands of people across the country rallied in separate demonstrations for nationwide gun reform following the rise in mass shootings.

Organizers for the “March for Our Lives” rally to draw around 50,000 demonstrators to the Washington Monument. It is much less than the original which took place in 2018. According to organizers they are focusing on holding smaller marches at an estimated 300 locations.

“We want to make sure that this work is happening across the country,” said Daud Mumin, co-chairman of the march’s board of directors. “This work is not just about D.C., it’s not just about senators.”

The protests come after a surge in mass shootings from Uvalde, Texas, to Buffalo, New York.

The House has passed bills that would raise the age limit to buy semi-automatic weapons and establish federal “red flag” laws. However most of these laws have been stalled in the Senate. Democratic and Republican senators had hoped to reach agreement this week on a framework for addressing the issue and talked Friday, but they had not announced an accord by early evening.