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Thousands of Guard Troops Told to Vacate US Capitol ‘We Feel Incredibly Betrayed’

Thousands of National Guard troops are back in the U.S. Capitol after being kicked out and forced into a parking garage to rest…during a pandemic.
The garage had no internet, only one outlet and one bathroom with two stalls for 5-thousand troops.
The soldiers were told they were no longer allowed to use the congressional grounds during rest breaks.
Congressional leaders in both parties expressed outrage over the move, which was apparently ordered by the U.S. Capitol Police.
The troops have since received an apology and been let back in.
Some 25-thousand National Guard soldiers were called up to the nation’s capital to protect the Capitol building and make sure there was no violence during the inauguration.
That followed the deadly riot at the Capitol earlier this month.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis reacted to it on Fox and Friends this morning.

Ron DeSantis Troops