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Those 18 and older no longer allowed on playgrounds, splash pads without children in PBC

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Adults will no longer be allowed on playgrounds without children in Palm Beach County.
Mayor Robert Weinroth announced the new regulation this week in an effort to appease worried parents and to make children’s play areas safer.
Under the measure, those 18 and older will not be allowed to enter or remain around playgrounds, splash pads, or designated children’s play area unless the adult is supervising and/or accompanying children.
“Public safety is always a priority, especially when it comes to our children, so I am pleased with this added layer of safety at county playgrounds,” Weinroth said.
The measure comes after several parents complained to the county about having young adults and those without children hanging out in or near the areas where children were playing.
If you are caught not obeying the new rule, you will be asked to leave. If the situation escalates,  the local sheriff’s department will be called.
While adults without children are not allowed near the children’s play areas, Mayor Wienroth says they will still be able to visit other areas in the county parks.