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This is Either Really Cool, or Really Unsettling…You Decide – The Egyptian Parade of Mummies

Did you see the parade of mummies?   The remains of 24 pharaohs, 18 kings and four queens, were relocated to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo  in an elaborate event designed to attract tourists to the new museum.    Under heavy security, the mummified remains of the pharaohs and other royals were transported in climate-controlled cases loaded onto trucks decorated with wings and pharaonic design for the hour-long journey from their previous home in the older, Egyptian Museum.   The vehicles were designed to appear like the ancient boats used to carry deceased pharaohs to their tombs.   Most of the mummies belong to the ancient New Kingdom, which ruled Egypt between 1539 BC to 1075 BC.  Many say disturbing the mummies and moving them may cause catastrophic events across the globe. Do you agree?