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Third victim dies from Miami mass shooting, gunmen still at large: Police

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(MIAMI) — A third victim, a woman, has died from her injuries following the mass shooting rampage in Miami Dade-County, Florida, last weekend, police said Thursday evening.

Partygoers were gathered outside the El Mula Banquet Hall in Hialeah early Sunday when three gunmen opened fire, police said.

Twenty-three people were shot and now three have died.

The three suspects remain at large.

“No family should have to suffer such loss,” Miami-Dade police director Freddy Ramirez tweeted Thursday. “We are working around the clock relentlessly to bring these killers to justice.”

Police on Monday released surveillance video of the three gunmen exiting a white Nissan Pathfinder at the scene.

Police said the multiple shooters fired from various locations. Ramirez described the gunmen as “cold-blooded murderers” who “shot indiscriminately into a crowd.”

The suspects ran back to the car about 10 seconds later, once the carnage was over.

Police said the car — which was stolen several weeks ago — was recovered Monday evening, submerged in a canal.

Authorities said they believe the mass shooting was motivated by an “ongoing rivalry” between two groups.

On Thursday, authorities announced “Operation Summer Heat,” an initiative looking to cut down violent crime in Miami-Dade County.

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