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‘These people were made in a laboratory’; Kanye West addresses backlash from influencers after showcasing controversial “White Lives Matter” shirt

(LOS ANGELES, CA) — Rapper Kanye West sat down Thursday night for an exclusive interview with Fox host Tucker Carlson, and after 4 hours of the special being released on Youtube, it’s garnered half a million views.

The 45-year-old artist gained heated backlash from elite influencers of Hollywood and social media goers after debuting a ‘White Lives Matter’ hoodie at Paris Fashion Week during his YEEZY fashion show.


From family, influencer culture, and racial discrimination, Kanye expressed his thoughts on a myriad of controversial subjects.

“These people were practically made in a laboratory, in my opinion,” Kanye told Tucker, referencing elite influencers. “And one of the thing’s that they’re really good at doing is being nice, and being like-able. And what they do is, for people that have some form of influence – they have people that are around them at all times, telling them what to be afraid of.”

The rapper then went on to explain his reasons for wearing the shirt.

“The answer to why I wrote ‘White Lives Matter’ on a shirt is because…they do — The same people that have stripped us of our identity and labeled us as a color, have told us what it means to be black. And the vernacular that we’re supposed to have.”

“It’s not that we have to agree with this. No one is God, and everyone has an opinion.”

The viral interview was expected to result in further resentment and backfire, however many viewers, left speechless, took to social media to express positive thoughts on Kanye’s hidden standpoints.

“Man, he is blowing the ROOF off the whole joint,” a user wrote on YouTube. “What an insightful view from someone on the inside of fame, celebrity, and influence who hasn’t been RUINED. Amazing. God protect him.”

“Kanye is the truth. The real deal. His boldness shows his strength, passion and courage. I am just so proud of him.”

“I’m speechless. I really didn’t know who he really is,” another user said. “What a blessed man. Thank you, Kanye. Be well.”

Kanye is notoriously condemned for expressing his disputed beliefs on social platforms. His latest YEEZY T-shirt stunt led sportswear company Adidas to place its relationship with him ‘under review.’