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There’s a Cream Cheese Shortage and Kraft Will Pay You NOT To Make Cheesecake!

If you haven’t heard, there’s a big cream cheese shortage because of the pandemic.  Demand is up 18% since covid hit, partly because more people are cooking and baking.  Supply chain issues are also a factor.  And because of the shortage, Kraft is now offering to pay you $20 to NOT make cheesecake for Christmas.  It’s the main ingredient in cheesecake, and Kraft owns the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand.  So they’re using it as a marketing opportunity.   For two days . . . starting at noon eastern tomorrow . . . you can go to the site and reserve a spot.  They’re only giving vouchers to 18,000 people.  So don’t wait too long, or they’ll run out.   Once you get a spot, just buy a different dessert, or the ingredients for a dessert between now and Christmas.  Pre-made desserts at the store count too.  Then save your receipt.  Starting on the 28th, you’ll be able to submit that receipt and get a $20 “digital reward.”  They say they’ll send them out sometime in January.