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The Viral Video That Is Getting Scrubbed Off Of Social Media – Hydroxychloroquine Cure? See It Here

A bottle of hydroxychloroquine is displayed on a table outside The Resort at Texas City nursing home Tuesday, April 7, 2020, in Texas City, Texas. President Donald Trump promoted and even took the now proven drug. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

This has to be one of the more baffling situations we have seen.

The FDA and the media continue to tell us that Hydroxychloroquine is not a viable treatment for the Coronavirus, but now a group of doctors have come out to say quite the opposite.

At the “America’s Frontline Doctor’s” summit in Washington D.C yesterday, multiple doctors held a press conference in front of the Supreme Court to tell what they say is the truth about the effectiveness of Hydroxy.

When you hear it, it really starts to make you wonder what is happening. And furthermore, why the video has been scrubbed off of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others may have you thinking that maybe there is something to this…

You can watch it here.