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The tropics heat up, NHC watching three areas of disturbance

tree palm weather Hurricane or tropical storm wind buffeting palm trees

The tropics are heating up but the Saharan dust cloud that has been retarding tropical system formation is still visible on satellite imagery wafting toward Florida.

There are three areas of disturbance in the Atlantic, one to our South that have a good chance of development.


Development for the tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean now has a 80% chance of development during the next 5 days, according to the latest update from the National Hurricane Center. Over the next 48 hours, it has a 40% chance for development. It’s still too soon to know the impacts.

Satellite imagery shows clouds of dust in both areas where tropical activity is brewing.

There are two other areas of disturbance far out over the Atlantic but they will have some atmospheric hurdles to overcome in order to become a named tropical storm.
Any of the three disturbances could blow up into a tropical storm and the next name on the 2021 Atlantic basin list is Ida, followed by Julian and Kate.