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The Senate shines daylight on ending a time honored tradition

Jupiter Florida Colors at Sunset Over Lighthouse
Beautiful colors over the Jupiter Lighthouse after the sunset in Jupiter Florida. Photo taken at Love Street with view of the waterway.

Daylight Saving Time could soon become a thing of the past, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio says it’s about “time.”

“I think the majority of the American peoples’ preference is just to stop the back-and-forth changing,” exclaimed Rubio.

The Florida Republican and his Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle have approved making Daylight Saving Time permanent, ending the bi-annual ritual of turning clocks back or forward, depending on the season.

The practice has carried out by most of the U-S since 1918.

Rubio queried,  “And one has to ask themselves after awhile, why do we keep doing it? Why are we doing this?”

The measure now needs House approval, then President Biden’s signature.

If the House votes the way of the Senate, you will be able to leave your clocks where they are.

As the Senate takes the giant step end daylight savings time permanently in the U-S Tuesday with the unanimous passage of the Sunshine Protection Act,  scientists remain mixed on the move.

It wouldn’t be the first time the US has adopted daylight savings time for the entire year.

We tried it in 1974 but the change lasted less than a year after outrage from parents who didn’t want to send their kids to school in the dark.

And there are mixed opinions from scientists, some argue permanent daylight savings time would make us more productive but others say darker evenings and brighter mornings are better for our sleep habits and our health.