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The Oscar’s Were Full of Feel Good Moments, But This One Took The Cake…

The former 80’s child star who was featured in classics such as the “Goonie’s” and “Indiana Jones” where he played the fan favorite character “Shortround” had a unforgettable night last night at the Oscar’s. Ke Huy Quan was essentially out of the acting business before making a comeback and scoring a role in “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and now winning his first Oscar.

But how cool was this?! As a cherry on top to his feel good story, Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, was on the stage to present the award for best picture which ended up going to “EEAAO.”

In a wonderful full circle moment, Shortround and Indy got to reunite and celebrate together.

And here was another feel good moment as Ke’s “Goonie’s” co-stars reacted to his Oscar win and even featured a Goonie’s shout out from Ke himself!