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The Ocoee Massacre 100th Anniversary: Black Man Attempts to Vote in 1920 Presidential Election

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One hundred years ago, the Ocoee Massacre was sparked by a black man who attempted to vote in the 1920 presidential election in rural Orlando.
As a result, an untold number of black Ocoee residents were killed and their homes burned to the ground. This year Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law that mandates schools teach students about this travesty.

Leaders in Orange County, remembered the Ocoee Massacre this week and the massacre of dozens of African Americans by a white mob when a man named Moses Norman tried to vote.
November 2nd has been declared “The Descendants of the Ocoee Massacre: Honoring their Ancestors Day” in Orange County, and Governor Ron DeSantis issued a proclamation designating the day as 1920 Ocoee Election Day Massacre Remembrance Day in Florida.

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